Lenten Reflection for Fri 3/1/2013

Psalm am: 69
pm: 73 Jeremiah 5:1-9 Romans 2:25-
3:18 John 5:30-47

Rather, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart—it is spiritual and not literal.Such a person receives praise not from others but from God—-Romans 2:29

It has been our pleasure to know a man and his wife in the mountains
of Northeastern Alabama. They have taken in and cared for all God’s
creatures from buying a toothless horse to save it from the glue factory, cooking
oats for it daily to adopting a very difficult child abandoned by his family, a
five-year old , they had to hide knives and other weapons in the early years of
the experience for their own safety. This young man is now 25 years old,
married and doing well.
A few years ago they adopted a brother and sister from Chicago that
had no place to go and gave them a home and have seen them through high
school graduation. Adopted mind you, not fostered with state assistance even
though they already have children and grandchildren.
Every Thanksgiving they have a table surrounded by an eclectic
mix . Gay and lesbian couples, alcoholics, the mentally ill and those without
family or direction, good Christian folk and new age spiritualists.
Our friends are devout Seventh Day Adventists whose retail business
remains closed on Saturdays because of their faith.
I certainly admire their commitment to the Saturday Sabbath and
attending to dietary guidelines to point of being Vegans.
However, I am certain that come judgement day that going to church
on Saturday and careful attention to diet will barely be noticed. It is all that
other stuff, the selflessness and good works that will matter.
As Paul tells us, it is not the outward appearance that matters, but it
is the state of the heart. It has been said that going to Church doesn’t make us
Christian any more than walking in a garage makes us a car. Lent is time for
a heart tune up. Let the check up begin!
John Corey

tender-hearted, hardheaded, blessed beyond measure



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  1. Living their faith..thank you for sharing.

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