Lenten Reflection for Thur 2/28/2013

Psalm am: 70, 71
pm: 74 Jeremiah 4:9-10, 19-28
Romans 2:12-24 John 5:19-29

“…the Son gives life to whomever he wishes”  —-John 5:21

The difference between Jesus and the religious leaders, in the
fourth Gospel, is the difference between those who seek the wellbeing
of others as a primary concern and those who see it as a
secondary matter to their own traditions or professional choices.
Jesus found one person, out of a large group, and decided it was
time to change this man’s life (cf. 5:2-9). And, that good act was
distorted by people who had the authority to question it. They
didn’t celebrate the man’s ability to walk again; they questioned
why a holy day was not honored.

Jesus’ defense of his kind action follows. Whatever God might
do for people in need is what Jesus must do (cf. 5:19).
Whatever we do in this life, let us attempt to pursue the good for
someone else.

Emerson Powery
Husband, father, teacher, historical-fiction lover



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