Lenten Reflection for Fri 3/8/2013

Right HandAuguste Rodin

Right Hand
Auguste Rodin

Psalm am: 88
pm: 91, 92 Jeremiah 11:1-8, 14-20
Romans 6:1-11 John 8:33-47

I assure you that everyone who sins is a slave of sin.        —-John 8:34

Why can’t we do what we like? According to William Barclay, those who sin are
not doing what they like, they are doing what sin likes. During the time of
Lent we are called to reflect on our priorities and activities. Are they merely habits
and indulgences offering no real enjoyment or value? Are we in control of our
desires or do they control us?
Do we truly enjoy surfing through the myriad of cable channels night after night at
the expense of more meaningful activities. Or are we slaves to the habit of watching
mindless programs that take us farther away from the freedom of a true
choice and God. Do our purchases truly provide us pleasure or are we chasing
after status or indulging our whims. Barclay says “we can allow a pleasure to take
hold of us so completely that we cannot do without it.”

Dear Lord grant us the wisdom, desire and discipline to replace those meaningless habits and indulgences with actions that will truly please and serve you as well as ourselves.

Sharon and Tom England
Together for thirty-five years


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