Lenten Reflection for Thur 3/21/2013

Psalm am: 131, 132, 133
pm: 140, 142 Jeremiah 26:1-16
Romans 11:1-12 John 10:19-42

The priests, the prophets and all the people heard Jeremiah say this in the Lord’s house
and, when he came to the end of what the Lord had charged him to say to them, the priests
and prophets and all the people seized him and threatened him with death  —-Jeremiah 26 v 7-8

As I read and re-read the reading from the life of the prophet
Jeremiah assigned for this day, I tried to feel the passion with
which Jeremiah pleaded to the inhabitants of Jerusalem to turn
back to the One True God. The tender-hearted Jeremiah loved
his people so much and was compelled to speak out even although
he was persecuted, ridiculed and even threatened with
death. Called by God to be a prophet, God gave Jeremiah specific
things to say and put a fearlessness into his heart that he
might accomplish the work God set before him. Most of us are
not called by God to put our lives in danger but we are asked to
take risks – go beyond our comfort zone and if we stay close to
our true companion, the Spirit of our Savior Jesus, and ponder
the Living Word of God, we will be inspired and guided to do
the work God has for us to do. All God asks of us is a willing
heart and He will supply all we need to accomplish the task.
Anna Pruett
-a humble worker in the Lord’s Service.



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