Lenten Reflection for Tue 3/12/2013

English: Sterzing, the Holy Spirit church fres...

English: Sterzing, the Holy Spirit church frescos, on the northern wall, representing the Passion of Christ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Psalm am: 97, 99, 100
pm: 94, 95 Jeremiah 17:19-27
Romans 7:13-25 John 6:16-27

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do
I not; but what I hate, that do I.  —-Romans 7:15

Paul is telling the Romans the difference between the spiritual law that dwells in
your inner man (reborn) and the battle of your sinful nature of the flesh. Paul
said,what I want, that I do not, but what I hate, that I do. After his conversion he
fought many battles and suffered physically in spreading the Gospel of
Christ. Being filled with the spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit he realized his
battles of the flesh, which served the law of sin would be won by the spirit of the
inner man, the law of God. That part of the law of God brought Paul great delight.
Without a doubt everyday I wage a battle against evil, which is always present
when I am doing good. Allowing the spirit to guide me and my submission to
that quiet, still voice brings victory and good results. I always look for peace that
follows my decisions or anticipated ones. Studying and reading the scriptures
gives me a guide along with counseling by the Holy Spirit.
John Grier
Child of God, Born again, husband, father, grandfather, brother,
uncle, nephew, cousin.


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