Lenten Reflection for Tue 3/19/2013

English: Liszt k Rimlánczom (Epistle to the Ro...

English: Liszt k Rimlánczom (Epistle to the Romans) from the prekmurian Nôvi Zákon (1848) Magyar: Liszt k Rimlánczom (A rómaiakhoz írott levél) a vend Nôvi Zákonból (1848) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Psalm am:121,122,123
pm: 124, 125, 126 Jeremiah 25:8-17
Romans 10:1-13 John 9:18-41


What does it say, then? The word is very near to you; it is in your mouth
and in your heart, that is, the word of faith, the faith which we preach…  —-Romans 10:8

This passage reminds me of the power of words. We don’t value
them like we should. We all know that once something is spoken it
can never be taken back. The word spoken into my soul, which is
continually echoing in my mind is that I am God’s Beloved”. I am
known, loved and blessed by the one who sacrificed his life for
mine. God gives me a purpose even if I don’t always know it.
But this is not only true for me but it is true for you as well. May it
be spoken and never be taken back: you are “God’s Beloved”! You
are known and loved intimately by our creator and redeemer. You
too have a purpose in God’s unfolding plan.

Joshua J.D. Moritz
Husband, Farmer, Beloved



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