The Liturgy of the Lord’s Death on Good Friday


Mourning of Jesus

Mourning of Jesus

Good Friday is the second of the “Great Three Days” (in Latin, Triduum sacrum), and it is the most somber and desolate day of the Christian Calendar. The sanctuary is completely bare. Good Friday teaches us that we must die with Jesus, who died for us.

Egeria describes the veneration of the Cross, which was held by the Bishop for the faithful to kiss. In our own day, the practice of veneration has broadened to include touching with the hand or a simple bow, but all three actions are signs of reverence and thanksgiving for our Lord’s sacrifice on our behalf.

The Way of the Cross is a pilgrimage of devotion, drawing us deeper into our relationship with Christ. We pray, hear the story and meditate on that moment in Christ’s walk to his crucifixion.

Good Friday and Ash Wednesday are the only two days of the year when Christians are encouraged to fast as rigorously as their health and circumstances permit, as a further devotion to our Lord.

Christ our victim Whose beauty was disfigured And whose body torn upon the cross; Open wide your arms To embrace our tortured world, That we may not turn away our eyes, But abandon ourselves to your mercy; For you live and love with the Father And the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen



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