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Stories of Transformation: Worship, Witness & Work in the Black Community
This important offering is a series of stories shared from the personal experience of the writers – a seminarian, theologians, parish priests, activists – and is a direct response to the conversation among the young people about the place and role of storytelling in the family


Prepared by the Episcopal Church Office for Lifelong Christian Formation and the Office of Black Ministries, Stories of Transformation is recommended for congregational use by clergy and lay leaders who want to approach faith formation work in the context of the black community, providing readers the opportunity to go deeper into the stories of the black community.


“These stories illustrate the rich heritage of a community with the tension between experiences of deep sadness and the abundance of joy inform how the black community celebrate their relationship with God,” noted the Rev. Canon Angela S. Ifill, Episcopal Church Missioner for Black Ministries “This is not just for those ministering in black community. It is a gift to all Christians giving us a significant opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of the black community.”


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